About Us

Dawie van der Merwe has a BA Honors degree in Training Management. After 3 ˝ years in teaching he joins the corporate world and held various positions within the human resources development departments of large corporates for 20 years.

With his extensive exposure and experience in management and supervisory training, organisational development and training management he knows and understands how to make a difference in a very practical and business oriented way, especially after being in various Training Manager positions for a period of 15 years.

Dawie was responsible for organisational development, change management initiatives, team and culture change activities and various training initiatives these corporates.

Dawie is a certified Chartered HR Practitioner in the field of Education, Training and Human Resource development, being a specialist in training and behavioural profiling.

Dawie also has done some international training and is certified as:

  • Two Masters certificates in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP);

  • International Language and Behaviour Profiling consultant and trainer;

  • International Neuro-semantics and NLP trainer and consultant;

  • Associated Certified Meta-Coach;

  • International Identity Compass Consultant;

  • International iWAM consultant, trainer and partner in SA;

  • CPA Practitioner.

Professional association and status:

  • Member of the South African Board for Personnel Practitioners.
  • Member of the International Meta-coach Association.
  • Member of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics.
  • Member of the Advisor Board for iWAM practitioners in Belgium.

Dawie is a qualified assessor and moderator in various personnel and training related areas:

  • With the South African Board of Personnel Practitioners (SABPP);


  • As well in the final registration process with the Services SETA.

Dawie van der Merwe founded the company Soy-Seré Coaching & Consulting in November 1999 and has a wealth of experience in corporate human resources development, behavioural profiling and training and work in association with a number of national and international associates in this regard.

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