Established in 1999
  • Do you find that even though you employ top class people, some of them do not live up to your expectations?

  • Do you know your employees’ potential?

  • Do you really recruit and select the right person?

  • Do you know why some employees perform and others not?

  • Do you know what sabotages individual and team performance?

  • Do you really know what work climate exists in your team or company?

Human capabilities are not a guarantee of excellent outputs. People are only effective when they are in “sync” with the workplace – where they work with enthusiasm and commitment; are challenged but not overstressed.

Established in 1999, Soy–Seré Coaching & Consulting comprises a group of highly skilled, trained and certified professionals with strong national and international links.

Soy–Seré, specialises in recruitment individual and team behavioural profiling and assessments, coaching, team development, training and consulting – ensuring excellent results through their expertise in the domain and disciplines of cognitive behavioural sciences.

Our premise is that excellence is created through addressing two distinct facets – inherent human capability and work context (fit into the organisation).

Soy Seré (meaning: I am – I am going to be) assures alignment of these two facets, which result in excellence in both the individual and the organisation.

What differentiates us from our competitors? Our two-tier approach, supported by various cutting-edge cognitive behavioural methodologies, allows flexible interventions that address both individual and the organisation's specific and unique needs.

Interventions can only be deemed successful if a tangible positive outcome is visible and measurable in the work place, resulting in a more effective employee, reduced costs and/or increased profitability.

Our purpose is to assist our clients to improve their organisation's profitability by identifying and developing human potential and performance.

We believe that any intervention is a partnership between the client and ourselves.

We specialise in four components :

Coaching Services Our coaching focuses on three levels, performance coaching (focus on skills and behaviours), developmental coaching (focus on change in beliefs, values and identity) and transformational coaching (focus on change in purpose, direction and meaning).

We can operate on whatever level is required to ensure sustainable change. The result is success and transformation.

Profiling Services Soy-Seré Coaching & Consulting provides unique behavioural profiling interventions in order to improve overall work performance of the individual or team at any level.

This approach enables us to accurately measure how people process and use information, behave, and what their thinking preferences are. These preferences are indicative of how successful an individual or team will be in their performance in the work place. This can be used very effectively to improve recruitment and selection activities. We use these solutions to assist with : A unique assessment concept is radar – a comprehensive and customisable assessment solution designed to assess work place competence and performance, focusing on :
  • Emotional intelligence;

  • Thinking preferences;

  • Inherent potential;

  • behavioural preference;

  • Performance enhancers or inhibitors;

  • Work values;

  • Skills, competencies and ability;

  • Work/job fit.

Training Services We offer various training courses with special emphasis on supervisory and management levels as well as team development. Along with this we offer specific training related to coaching, mentorship and recruitment.

Some of our key training courses focus on :
  • Business plan development;

  • Facilitation skills;

  • Coaching;

  • Mentoring;

  • Communications;

  • Customer care;

  • Emotional intelligence;

  • Training/Presentation skills;

  • Entrepreneurial skills;

  • Job burnout;

  • Leadership development;

  • Personal development;

  • Recruitment and selection;

  • Sales;

  • Team development.

All our training courses integrate skills and knowledge with the behavioural aspects of the person. We assist the learner with transferring knowing to doing – i.e. application in the work place.

Not one solution fits all, therefore we specialise in customised solutions.

Consulting Services Our consulting services focus primarily on :
  • Business and organisation strategy development (Workshop facilitation);

  • Entrepreneurial development;

  • Change management;

  • Organisational mapping;

  • Optimising human resource competence and performance (Productivity enhancement);

  • Team building and development.

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